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Five for the Future is back on the radar, surfacing more clarification and criticism. Here’s snack pack of links from around the community addressing various opinions on the subject: 

Gettin’ Guten with it

Gutenberg Times will host a livestream July 22nd featuring PEW Research Lead Developer and Director of Digital Strategy on how they use WordPress core + custom blocks.

Want to know where FSE is headed with all things media? Anne McCarthy posted the FSE Program All Things Media Summary.

Product updates

LearnDash has taken to the clouds with its latest hosted version of the popular WordPress LMS plugin.

SpotlightWP has launched a new analytics dashboard for those of you posting to WordPress and the gram.

Pure HTML and CSS WordPress builder LiveCanvas has launched their builder version 3.

Product acquisition

Amber Hinds’ Equalize Digital has sold their WP Conference Schedule plugin to Events Calendar:

“Earlier this year, we realized that continuing to support WP Conference Schedule no longer made sense,” said Hinds, “It was a distraction from our mission to improve accessibility in WordPress and took development and marketing time away from Accessibility Checker.”


A call for organizers has been placed by the WordCamp Euorope 2023 team.

The Grab bag!

Next up! 

Michelle Frechette with the Community Minute!

Community Minute transcript
Hey WordPressers! It's Michelle Frechette with a WP-Minute about community!

This week I tried to return to in-person events for my local WordPress meetup. People had been asking, nay, begging, to get back in person.

Well, I had to cancel it. Turns out all that begging was premature. Not many (dare I say most, actually?) are ready to return to in-person meetups. But at the same time, our online meetup has been getting smaller and smaller attendance.

So I ask you - what should your local meetup do to re-engage people in an almost (please I hope) post-pandemic world?

We need to change things up.

If your local meetup is dragging. If you need to add some flavor. If you're not sure where your next topic and speaker are coming from…let me know. 

I'm building a list of topics and people and I'm happy to share them out.

Let's get back on track - sharing best practices, learning new skills, and helping one another grow.

Find me on Twitter @michelleames, or email me at

Hopefully coming soon to a meetup near you!

New Members

This week we welcome two new members to the #linksquad crew: Jonathan Wold and Juan Hernando!

You can meet them in the Slack group and if you’re not a member yet, go to to join.

Thanks to all of the members who shared these links today: 

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