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black computer keyboard on brown wooden desk

Matrix over Slack, WP Minute Plus, & more Gutenberg goals

by Eric Karkovack

WordPress phases updated, Awesome Motive buys Thrive Themes, and more!

by Eric Karkovack

silhouette photo of person holding smartphone

New Jetpack app, Mailchimp breach, and AI lawsuits

by Eric Karkovack

green trees on green grass field during daytime

Forked again

by Eric Karkovack

white and black cards on gray concrete floor

Tag, you’re it.

by Eric Karkovack

This is the sign you've been looking for neon signage

Commercial vs Community

by Eric Karkovack

State of The Word 2022

by Matt Medeiros

gray and black laptop computer on surface

What’s a web hosting provider’s role in content moderation?

by Eric Karkovack

people holding shoulders sitting on wall

The WP Community Collective is announced

by Eric Karkovack