The WordPress ecosystem is constantly evolving. We see new product launches almost daily. Themes and plugins are still popular. But tools that leverage SaaS and AI are also becoming common.

Some product categories are saturated. Others are in their early stages. Product makers face challenges in either case.

Promoting a WordPress product isn’t easy. It’s difficult to break through the echo chamber. And not everyone has a marketing team. That leaves product founders to take on the task.

So, how can you effectively spread the word? Here are a few tips for effectively reaching your audience.

Show Customers Why Your WordPress Product Is Great

Does the world need another plugin that does x, y, or z? Or another theme that targets startups?

WordPress users may be asking those questions. And they may have that reaction when seeing your product.

But you have an opportunity to change the narrative. Show potential customers why your product is worthwhile. Demonstrate how it will improve their workflow. Explain how it will help them achieve their goals.

Think about what makes your product better than the competition. Tout its advantages in an easy-to-understand way. Make it a core part of your messaging.

Shoppers love to compare. That goes for WordPress products as much as it does cars or televisions. Therefore, you’ll want to provide them with relevant facts.

Why should someone choose your product? The reasons aren’t always obvious. That is unless you spell them out.

Create User-Friendly Content

Building a WordPress product is a complex process. It may require a team of designers and developers. But explaining what it does is also challenging.

We often see products described using developer speak. That’s likely to leave out a portion of your audience.

Not everyone understands technical terms. And those that do may be too busy to deal with dense content. No one should need a college degree to understand your product. Nor should they need an hour to comb through your descriptions.

As such, your content needs to be user-friendly. Use simple terminology and avoid long passages of text. A product intro should take no more than a couple of minutes to browse. Illustrations, infographics, and videos can also help.

Blog posts and tutorials will also benefit from simplicity. Again, people don’t have hours to waste. Keep this content short and to the point.

There is a place for technically minded content. Advanced product documentation is an example. Even so, it’s wise to simplify where possible.

And make the extra effort to explain code snippets! Users need to know what the snippet does and where to use it. Code without context is likely to confuse.

The lesson is that simple is better – regardless of your audience.

Be Clear with Pricing and Terms

Unclear pricing may be a product maker’s worst enemy. Or perhaps the quickest way to turn off potential customers.

The WordPress ecosystem has an unfortunate reputation in this area. A few bad actors have used questionable tactics. The situation has led to distrust.

You don’t have to price for the bargain bin, though. Product pricing should reflect your hard work. And you should take future maintenance into account. But this should be clear to users.

Simplicity is once again your friend. Among the items to communicate:

  • The initial cost of purchase.
  • The cost to renew a subscription.
  • The number of websites you can use the product on.
  • The differences between licensing tiers.

Being upfront and honest builds trust with your audience. Trust is vital to making sales.

Give Back to the WordPress Community

Selling a WordPress product is different. There’s a tight-knit community to consider. Thus, it’s important to acknowledge this at every turn.

WordPress is a free, open-source platform. You can make a nice living with the software. That includes selling plugins, themes, or other services that extend it.

Why not give back? For one, it’s the right thing to do. Secondly, it creates a bond with members. Your brand will become known for its involvement.

Giving back can take many forms. There are formal arrangements like sponsoring project contributors. Sponsoring WordCamp events is also a possibility.

But not every company has this sort of budget. That’s OK because there are other ways to pitch in.

You could host branded events that teach users a valuable skill. Or release a free tool or resource. Publishing educational content is also appreciated.

Mentioning your product is fine. But don’t try and trap users in a sales pitch. The practice discourages users and detracts from your brand.

Giving back to WordPress will help you build a reputation. Don’t hesitate to jump in feet first.

Help Your WordPress Product Succeed

Developing a great WordPress product is one thing. But promoting it is altogether different. And both are required to find success.

The tips above can help. But what if you’re still struggling?

Think about hiring a professional. They can help to get your product in front of the right people. And they can also explain it in plain terms.

Either way, it’s about investing in your product. You don’t have to break your budget. And doing so will put you on the right path.

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