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Full Site Editing; we’re almost there

We’re almost there with Full Site Editing in WordPress core. During the meeting that was happening the same day our last episode went live, the team made the decisions for WordPress and the parts of Full Site Editing hitting version 5.8:

  • Improvements from Gutenberg 9.9+.
  • Introduce new blocks (Query, Site Logo, Navigation, etc).
  • theme.json mechanism.
  • Template Editor for Pages/Blank Template.
  • Widgets Screen & Block widgets in Customizer.
  • Design tools: Duotone, Layout controls, padding, etc.

What won’t make it? Global Styles and Site Editor.

If you’re left yearning for some Global Styles, Frank Klein’s got you covered with an in-depth tutorial on his YouTube channel and the fine folks at WordCamp Miami hosted a livestream Mega Meetup which covered all things Full Site Editing.

Okay okay, still hungry for more? Gutenberg Times has a complete wrap up, be sure to listen to the latest episode of the Gutenberg Changelog.

It’s time to get down to business.

Popular WordPress caching/speed plugin WP Rocket is joining group.one a large European internet services conglomerate — including one of the largest web hosts in Scandinavia.

WP Media is joining group.ONE as an independent brand. Each company focusing on what it does best to the benefit of our customers.

  • we are maintaining our own identity and organization
  • our entire team, including the co-founders, will stay the same
  • we’ll continue to develop and maintain Imagify, WP Rocket and RocketCDN

GravityFlow has a fantastically detailed overview on how they put customer service front and center for impressive year over year increases in product renewal.

If you’re looking for two interesting (with air quotes) tools to uncover what WP businesses are for sale or you just wanna snoop: Check out PluginRank Acquisition page and Shahjahan Jewel’s PluginStat website for some fun data.

Do it Live! With events.

I thought it would be useful to mention some events that caught my eye — but you don’t have much time left to register.

Now time for the honorable mentions

Go to the WP Weekly Sponsor page and support Davinder — he has an opening for you.

I can’t stop learning about the no code movement and the opportunities around it, check out my latest Matt Report episode with Kieran Ball

Lastly, thanks to Lesley Sim the co-creator of Newsletter Glue, the fantastic plugin I use to put this email together. I know I didn’t have a link last week and she quickly opened up my eyes to some of the amazing templating features it has — using native Gutenberg.

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