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There’s a lot happening in the WordPress world these days.

WordPress 6.5 is right around the corner, page builders are getting better, new block themes are surfacing, competitors are looking leaner & meaner, while the same old debates continue to circle the waters: Is WordPress losing market share?

Even with all the turbulence we might be feeling, I’m still very optimistic with where WordPress, as the software, is headed.

As I pondered today’s monologue, a thought popped into my head, “How about a new WordPress logo?” I tweeted it.

Don’t be alarmed, it’s just a thought exercise that built off of my question from a few weeks ago — who is WordPress for?

I might be jaded by my time as an agency owner or as an independent content creator, but new logos and brand discussions generally set the tone for a new purpose of an organization. Hoist that new logo up the flag pole, leadership stands at the front of the line, “We’re headed in THAT direction now!”

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As WordPress evolves into a better website builder, maybe a new logo is what we need? Or brand, really. Something to rally around, something that inspires, something that puts the past behind us?

Here are some of there responses I received:

  • “No.” Corey Maass
  • “Are you talking about .org or .com?” Adam Warner
  • “Stop.” An animated GIF by Lisa Sabin-Wilson
  • “From my 15y experience: same wine in another bottle is still the same wine. A new logo without a full rebranding is useless, seen that multiple times happening. Then again: i do like the logo” Dave Loots
  • “Can’t break all the tattoos” Matt Mullenweg

Let me know what you think, is a new WordPress logo needed? Imminent?

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