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WP User Avatar, a plugin that was acquired by Collins Agbongama with over 400k active installs, took a hard pivot in it’s latest 3.0 version. The WordPress tavern reports what the plugin looked and functioned like, before becoming ProfilePress, it’s new name.

Lots of end users share their opinions in the comments of the Tavern, and as you can imagine, they aren’t too happy. I reached out to Collins to learn more about him, his company, why the change to ProfilePress, and what he plans to do next. Read the interview to find out the back story.

Release the themes!

WP Engine’s head of Marketing for StudioPress, Chris Garret, shares the upcoming changes to WordPress once beloved framework for new developers. Most notably:

  • ProPlus customers will get access to Genesis Blocks Pro and Genesis Custom Blocks Pro
  • Genesis Framework and the Sample Theme will be available for free.
  • StudioPress-made themes will no longer be sold individually

Hosts go round’n’round

More from WP Engine includes their latest investment in hosting large-scale WooCommerce sites offering, which looks more like window dressing than a more unique & robust solution from the likes of LiquidWeb.

Speaking of LiquidWeb, they launched a completely new plugin brand and portal to wrangle all these darn acquisitions lately! Check out StellarWP for more information.

Let’s get to the core

When WordPress 5.8 is released in July of this year, Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported. Shaun Andrews shares some of the ongoing work of what what the Patterns Directory is starting to look like in the second iteration. If you’re interested, you won’t want to miss the screenshots shared on the post.

From the grab bag

“If we are only able to focus on high quality work for 4 hours, yet we work for 8 or more, what do we spend the other 4+ hours doing? “

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