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Spencer Forman from WPLaunchify has a creative way to find new WordPress customers that may just surprise you!

Find an existing community of non technical people that have websites (like bookkeepers or copywriters)

Then look at any of these three things

1. Above the Fold: Do they have the three things any site needs when visitors first arrive? (hint: What’s the Pain? | How do they Solve the Pain? | What’s the Call To Action to get the Solution?)

2. Ways To Contact: Do they have the BIG 3 ways listed clearly in a way that is easy to find? (hint: Phone | Email | Social ). It’s amazing how many companies don’t list a phone number, when a virtual number is almost no cost today with Google Voice and similar.

3. Add To List: Do they have a way for visitors to the site to add their email to a list (hopefully one that is for marketing automation and not just collecting dust). It costs virtually nothing in time or money for them to implement this feature, just like a fishbowl in the old days for folks to drop their business card to win a prize. It’s the only way for them to avoid losing potential leads.

Once you’ve looked at any or all three of these, email them with FREE advice on how to fix their problems, and preferably setup a 15 minute call to speak with them on Zoom and learn more about what they do, how they do it, and whether they have someone who currently helps them with their WordPress website.


There was a world of people doing business BEFORE social media and paid online advertisement. It still exists… it’s called “The Golden Rule” 😉

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