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There’s a solid batch of headlines this week that I think you’ll find interesting before you head out to WordCamp US next week.

Speaking of, if you’re headed to WordCamp next week, be sure to say hi! I’d love to hear more about your experiences with the WP Minute and any feedback you might have. The entire WP Minute squad will be there like Me, Eric, and Raquel.

Equalize Digital is blasting off into outer space — literally!

NASA selected Equalize Digital Accessibility Checker for automated accessibility testing in WordPress. To make reports easier to understand for non-developers, Equalize Digital developed the front-end highlighting feature. This feature adds a “view on page” link to each issue in Accessibility Checker’s reports that, when clicked, takes users to the public view of the web page, highlights the element with a dashed pink box around it, and shows a panel explaining the issue and how to fix it.

The WP Community Collective Successfully Funds the First Fellowship for the WordPress Contributor Community.

The WP Community Collective is proud to announce the successful funding and launch of their inaugural Fellowship program, the WPCC Accessibility Fellowship. Long-term WordPress contributor Alex Stine was selected by the WPCC as the inaugural Accessibility Fellow as a result of his expertise in accessibility and seven years of experience as a WordPress contributor.

group.one strengthens WordPress commitment with acquisition of BackWPup.

WordPress plugin BackWPup is joining group.one, along with two newly acquired plugins Adminimize and Search & Replace, adding to the group’s growing WordPress ecosystem. group.one acquired the three WordPress plugins with a combined base of more than 1.1 million users from German WordPress agency Inpsyde GmbH, bolstering the group’s WordPress offering alongside flagship products WP Rocket, Imagify and Rank Math SEO.

The Make Team announced a new Blocks page on WordPress.org intending to be a strong starting point for visitors looking to see what blocks can do within WordPress and beyond.

Citing the original Github ticket created back in March 2023 from Ben Greeley “Currently, there isn’t a page on wordpress.org that explains in a compelling way what ‘Blocks’ are or markets it very effectively on the website. We have a filter in the plugin directory, which is useful, but that page is lacking the context of what blocks are, what the block editor is, and why it is so exciting. “

My First Million podcast, co-hosted by Sam Parr the founder of TheHustle.co now owned by Hubspot, interviews Awesome Motive founder Syed Balkhi.

2023 has drawn a lot of criticism around AM’s products and how WP Beginner leverages it’s content juggernaut for their products. I thought it was important to include an interview with Syed that didn’t revolve around WordPress, but to understand his approach to business and life.

We have some fresh new content on the WP Minute!

This week Eric Karkovack wrote about what he’s looking forward to experience at WordCamp US next week.

I sat down with Paid Memberships Pro founder Kim Coleman to help me understand how she uses ChatGPT for her content and marketing needs.

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