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It’s the WP Minute! 

This episode is brought to you by FooGallery, check out their latest WooCommerce integration to start selling images right through WooCommerce, head on over to Foo.Gallery for more information!

You know the drill, everything I mention here will be linked up in the newsletter and the blog post. Check out thewpminute.com for the links.


This week Project Huddle has joined the Brainstorm Force family. Project Huddle is a very popular tool that lets you use sticky note-style feedback on your web project and it is platform-independent working with Drupal, Joomla, and Shopify. Sujay Pawar,  of Brainstorm Force, covers the acquisition in his video.

If you are selling WordPress products, you may want to take a look at how Appsero has integrated with Gumroad for providing seamless connection while selling your product in Gumroad. You can track selling data of plugins or themes on Gumroad through the Appsero dashboard

Felix Arntz over on WordPress.org writes an update on his results of why jQuery is the most common JavaScript-based performance problem in themes. Felix ran an analysis using the PageSpeed Insights API, gathering performance reports for the most popular 100 WordPress themes according to the WordPress.org Themes API.  To read all the analysis jump over to his review. But the short story is that if you are a theme developer relying on jQuery, start looking into migrating away from jQuery in your themes. It will be a great step forward to make your themes more performant along with enhancing user experience for all the sites that use your themes.

The WPMinute often covers news that comes from the WPTavern. Many of our community members look to WPTavern for fair coverage of news in WordPress. We interviewed Sarah Gooding this week on the WPMinute on WordPress journalism and on where she gathers her information and decides how to cover a story. You can always tell your newsworthy story to the WPTavern with their help to get it ready for publication.

Justin Ferriman’s name had been circulating over the past couple of weeks with the acquisition of Learn Dash. Justin covers his personal decision on why he sold in his recent blog post. Go check it out for his take on why it was time for him to make a change. 

From the grab bag!

Paul Lacey shared this redesign of Castos. The refreshed website has a clean look with a beautiful user interface. ps: built on Generate Press with Generate Blocks. It’s a fantastic fast loading website. Check it out.

Justin Tadlock wrote an interesting article over on the WPTavern this week about how the Next Web published a hit piece titled Developers hate WordPress — and so should marketers. The claim was that, despite its current 40% market share, folks should start looking at alternatives for a better experience. The Next Web article seemed to be sponsored by Storyblok and you can read it to see if it changes your mind about WordPress.

Many of us know Tammie Lister and she tweeted that she has started a new position at @XWP.  She is producing a block pattern a day during the month of October as well. It has been something fun to follow so far. You can see the daily code posted at patternsnspiration.

Birgit Pauli-Haack shared the Women in WordPress list on Twitter. It is a great group to follow and exciting to see all these women in WordPress. Thanks Birgit!

Matt Prichett is looking to sell his WordPress Plugin. You can reach out to him through Twitter if you are interested in learning more.

That’s it for today’s news. Don’t forget to join our private Discord server and be part of the WPMinute news community.

We are really excited to welcome the new folks that joined the community this week. A warm welcome to Akshat Choudhary, Joe Howard, John Locke, David Mainayer, and Andrew Palmer.  We look forward to working with you as you share the news in the WordPress space. If you want to get your hand in the weekly WordPress news head over to buymeacoffee.com/mattreport. You can buy me a coffee to support the show or join the membership for $79 a year.

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