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If you have 2 minutes to spare, could you head to thewpminute.com/survey and take my 34 question survey about this podcast? It’s going to help shape the future of the content here — which I’ll get into. 

As 2023 wound down, I promised myself to stay out of all of the polarizing issues that crop up throughout the community. To take less of a stand on reporting all of the WordPress news, and focusing on the content that is largely relevant to the careers of WordPress professionals. 

Perhaps you felt the same way? “Can we be done with WPDrama?” You might have asked yourself. 

I’m not really a hardcore goal tracking guy. I have the goals, I know where I want to go, but I largely leave it up to the creative process to get there. Maybe that’s lazy of me? But I do have strong instincts when something isn’t working, or just doesn’t have that air tight feeling. 

Sometimes I can feel that in my content. Thus, it’s time to really focus on what you want as my faithful WP Minute reader, listener, viewer — follower. 

If you’ll allow me to say it again: If you have two minutes to spare, I’d love for you to take this survey which will help me and the team produce better content.

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I produced some podcasts, I appeared on podcast, and Eric Karkovack held an important interview. 

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