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Well, I’m glad that (last) week is behind us.

Or is it? Seems the most movement we’ve seen publicly from RepoGate is WordPress.com now showing a download and listing link for the “cloned” plugin listing. I’d say that’s a technical win for plugin authors who aren’t so happy WordPress.com is showcasing their code for an upsell to a paid hosting plan.

Still no morale win, for the rest of us, however.

“The thing that makes me uncomfortable is that my plugin is being used to help sell someone else’s business.” Luke Carbis says on a recent episode of Crossword. Carbis pontificates on having a robots.txt type of solution that allows plugin authors to disallow WordPress.com from listing their plugin.


This week on the WP Minute+, I had a chance to uncover exactly what a product manager does at Bluehost. Jocelyn Hendrickson joined me to share how she helps the e-commerce experience for customers, specifically in the WonderSuite & WonderCart products.

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Filed under: “I didn’t know that was a thing!”, is the website gutenstats.blog.

The tagline reads, “Gutenberg in Numbers. The Gutenberg block editor for WordPress is used by millions of sites — here’s insight into how.

Stats are from WordPress.com and sites running Jetpack. The post statistics only include posts created since late August 2018. The actual number is higher.

  • 81.7 Milllion active installs
  • 273.4 million posts written
  • 233 thousand written yesterday (as of this publication)

If you want to see what the most popular blocks are across their tracking, head to gutenstats.blog to find out!

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