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In the News 

WordPress.org was in the news again. This time there was a lot of confusion about WordPress rejecting plugin submissions with the WP prefix. They said this was to address potential trademark abuse. As you can imagine, this sparked some interesting debate (read: controversy) on Twitter and Slack channels. This information ended up being misinterpreted as WPSteward reported, but it generated responses across the entire Community in record time.

People legitimately freaked out because of how the information from WordPress.org has been handled in the past. We all have kind of felt this. There has been a track record for this type of communication and folks generally feel as though they are not being heard. 

Sarah Gooding over at WPTavern and Jeff Chandler over at WPMainline went into further detail about how this was “making mountains over molehills”. Go check their articles out for different perspectives on this news flash.

This is also time for a joke. Like what happens when two train conductors walk into bar…ok.

Gutenberg keeps chugging right along with the roadmap to WordPress 5.9 and Gutenberg 11.3. Birgit Pauli-Haack and Grzegorz Ziolkowski discuss the preliminary roadmap on the 50th episode of the Gutenberg Times Changelog podcast. Congratulations on number 50!

As more and more of us are being asked to pay attention to the changes in the Block Editor in Gutenberg, go check out what Iian Poulson writes. He sees the negative talk turning into more optimism. There is a great long post for developers over at Delicious Brains to review. 

Getting back to business

Immerseus founder Jack Kitterhing tweeted that Immerseus had been acquired in full. His eight-month-old company generated $100k in sales from apparently a single Facebook group marketing channel…and he has a day job…and like 5 other products. I think I should have him on the Matt Report to give us the map to this gold mine…


WordPress meets education at WPCampus online September 21 and 22nd. Although the conference is advertised for Web Accessibility, go and check out the schedule. There are many panel discussions and general lectures that can help you in your agency.

The second annual WPMRR (WP Monthy Recurring Revenue) Virtual Summit will run online-only this year from September 21 – 23. Joe Howard is hosting the event alongside guest host Brian Richards, the organizer behind WordSesh and WooSesh. Justin Tadlock covers all the details over on WPTavern.

From the Grabbag

Are you seeing yourself leaning towards unhealthy habits in 2021?  David Bisset and Cory Miller talk about developer overload on the latest podcast of Post Status. With so much to learn today, it’s not just WordPress but the entire internet leading to so much information to process. 

The Random Show with Brad and Matt was back last week with great information on NFTs and Podcast streaming satoshis. If you want to find out how to make money with Crypto and NFTs jump over and listen to one of the best episodes.

Longtime WordPress product maker Brian Gardner raised eyebrows recently with his newest venture, Frost. He’s now made it publicly available for purchase. Find the pricing page over at FrostWP.com.

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