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WooCommerce is now Woo, kinda. Here’s a quote from their announcement Say hello to Woo.com – WooCommerce post:

You can call us Woo, WooCommerce, Their Supreme Wooness — whatever you’d like. But if you want to be specific:

  • Woo is how we refer to the brand/company.
  • WooCommerce is the open-source ecommerce platform for WordPress — Woo’s core product.

So WooCommerce is now tucked away into the inner layer of Woo’s brand. Also tucked away, according to those keeping an eye on the rebrand, is us…the community of WooCommerce site builders.

Mario Peshev has an excellent X thread: Mario Peshev on X

Rodolfo Melogli surveys his X followers about the rebrand: Rodolfo Melogli on X

Katie Keith (this week’s podcast guest!) shares her displeasure for the rebrand Katie Keith on X

This continues that unfortunate trend where professional services, at least those offered by the same WordPress Professionals that promote hosting platforms, are being obfuscated and rolled into the hosting experience.

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Let’s add to our bottom line, before sending a lead to someone outside the company.

During a chat with Syed Balkhi about his recent investment in Seahawk Media, a WordPress services company, I asked him about this new trend:

“I don’t think WordPress.com or any other hosting company offering Professional Services is a threat to the WP freelancer economy (actually it’s the opposite). Pro services is a growth channel for WordPress as a platform. This is also why Wix and others do it too.

The freelancer market is so spread out and personalized that these rarely impact individual agencies. And our investment in Seahawk Media will actually benefit agencies / freelancers too because they would be able to offer white-labeled services to expand revenue (and even build recurring revenue) by delivering maintenance / care packages to their clients that they otherwise pass on right now since it’s a lower dollar value.”

WP Mayor caps off our “Woonderful” discussion by asking, “Is WooCommerce’s next move a masterstroke or a misstep?

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Don’t forget, WordPress 6.4 is scheduled for next week!

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