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Is it finally time to retire WordPress Multisite?  

Rob Howard wrote an article over on MasterWP that Multisite is a solution to a problem that no longer exists. The cool things that Multisite offered like sharing themes and single sign on just don’t seem as important to developers these days.

Rachel Cherry tweeted a response that it may just be too early to consider removing Multisite as there is still a big audience in higher education that would be impacted by this.

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Early in February the community had many discussions about Diversity in WordCamps and Meetups. Allie Nimmons wrote a great post on MasterWP about a better journey to diversity. Go read Allie’s important article to help get a better understanding on how to approach and discuss diversity.

Sarah Gooding over on the WPTavern writes that Strattic has acquired the WP2Static plugin. Strattic plans to relaunch the plugin on to improve its discovery, installation, and update process.

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Jetpack has released a new way to build your own Jetpack. Release 10.7 includes My Jetpack, a brand new dashboard for managing your Jetpack products and plans in a single place.

With all of the nervous watch on the war in Ukraine, it seems that Namecheap is kicking out their Russian customers, with a 6 day notice. Konstantin Kovshenin tweeted the news. 

Andrew Palmer was recently on the Matt Report discussing Artificial Intelligence for WordPress. If you want to check out the exciting direction of AI you can download the plugin from the repository and listen to this podcast to see what’s next in WordPress & Gutenberg.

Ryan Breslow continues the Shopify discussion this week on how they are eating their ecosystem. This is another interesting thread/perspective on Shopify’s end-to-end commerce platform.

Next Up You are on the Creator Clock with Joe Casabona

  • “YouTube Thumbnails” by Joe Casabona
YT Thumbnails Transcript

Hey everybody, Joe Casabona here and you are on the Creator Clock. Today I want to talk to you about the importance of your YouTube thumbnail video.

According to YouTube, 90% of top-performing videos use a custom thumbnail. Netflix spends a ton of time on their thumbnails because they know they have less than two seconds to convince a user to watch anything and 80% of videos get clicked on from users because of the thumbnail. So what should your thumbnail include? Well, it should have high contrast in colors. It should have texts, but it shouldn’t repeat the title, and it should have a prominent face or object. That face should be close and showing some sort of emotion. That’s why the thumbnails, you see, have a shocked or super happy face. But, it could also be an object relevant to the video.

I use Canva and Tube Buddy for my thumbnails. You can find more on the Twitter thread over, but I strongly recommend you put some time and effort into your thumbnails if you are on YouTube. Thanks so much for listening. If you want to learn more about me, you can head over to or continue the conversation on Twitter @jcasabona.

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