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We have a packed episode today chock full of WordPress news goodness, including some audio clips from Courtney Robertson, Jeff Chandler, and Rich Tabor sharing what they love about WordPress 6.3.

First up, Aurooba Ahmed shared her new project wphelpers.dev which gives you a snazzy UI for all core WordPress blocks and their functionality.

You can expand each block and peel back the JS-y goodness that each block is powered by. Direct link right to the GitHub repo, and more developer features. If you’re coding blocks or beginning to learn WordPress development, you’ll want to bookmark this site. Post Status announced their upcoming WP Career summit.

Join us for the WP Career Summit If you’re looking for a career in WordPress, want to host a talk, or find out how to reach potential employers you won’t want to miss everything happening on October 20, 2023 when the summit kicks off.

The WP Tavern covered a recent story pertaining to the massive backlog of plugins to be reviewed at WordPress.org. The list includes over 900 plugins awaiting approval. Sarah Gooding cites “The volunteer team responsible for reviewing plugins has undergone significant restructuring after the departure of long-time contributor Mika Epstein”

WordPress 6.3 is here! Pressable and GoDaddy have you covered with a top-to-bottom look at all of the great new features. Stick around to the end of the episode to hear more from our special guests about their WordPress 6.3 goodness.

Anne McCarthy posted an overview on how to produce WordPress demo videos for official WordPress release announcements.

I applaud the team for opening up this marketing effort to the greater community. The article is ripe with guidance on what to consider before creating a video tutorial, and how the overhead of creating an asset like this might need to be dispersed throughout many contributing members.

I do have a hot take here: As a content creator, make your own video tutorials and post them on your own YouTube channel, blog, or social media platform before committing to something like this.

While this might be the only way someone like me could ever get credit for contributing to WordPress, but I’d prefer not to have such a rigid approach to how I show off WordPress — warts and all.

Before we wrap up, I want you to check out the latest content from WP Minute’s editor, Eric Karkovack. This week he wrote a great piece exploring what it would take for other CMS’s to catch up to WordPress dominance.

I’m still amazed that the closest CMS to WordPress is Shopify. WordPress is roughly 10x that of the e-commerce platform.

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