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Its the WP Minute!

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Sshh…no major acquisitions this week.

WordPress 5.8 is slated for release on July 20. In just over a month, many users will get their first experience of the template-editing mode. This can be exciting for users allowing them to create custom templates without ever leaving the post-editing screen.

New powerful blocks like the Theme blocks and Query blocks will be introduced.

Beta 3 of 5.8 is available today for testing.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Google Maps, Sarah Gooding from WordPress Tavern breaks down some of the recent happenings with the MapLibre Project. Citing she even opened a ticket for Jetpack to consider using it in a future release. 

Chris Lema shares his thoughts from the lens of Nexcess/LiquidWeb and other hosting companies on the future success of WordPress. It seems Nexcess might have their own Membership website experience coming for WordPress hosting soon.

WPEngine’s Summit 2021 dubbed “The Digital Breakthrough Conference” launches tomorrow June 24th. 

From the Grabbag

If you’re a creator in the WordPress or web tech space, I talked about how you can get a job leveraging your existing content over on the latest episode of the Matt Report.

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