In this episode of WP Minute+, Matt Medeiros sits down with Jonathan Denwood, the host of the WP Tonic podcast, to discuss his business ventures, the state of WordPress media, and the future of the WordPress platform.

Jonathan shares insights into his two businesses – a real estate marketing platform called and a WordPress membership site hosting service. He discusses the challenges of serving different client bases and the importance of finding the right fit between your business offerings and your target audience.

Looking towards the future, Jonathan and Matt discuss the direction of WordPress and the role of Automattic and its founder, Matt Mullenweg. They touch on the challenges of balancing open-source principles with the need for effective leadership and decision-making. The pair also discuss the potential for increased competition from other major players in the WordPress ecosystem.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Running a successful WordPress business requires finding the right balance between your offerings and your target audience.
  2. Building a sustainable WordPress media business is challenging due to the niche audience and the reluctance to pay for content.
  3. The future of WordPress depends on striking a balance between open-source principles and effective leadership.
  4. Increased competition from major players in the WordPress ecosystem could lead to significant changes in the platform’s future.

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