In this episode of WP Minute+, host Matt Medeiros sits down with Kevin Geary, founder of and creator of the Automatic CSS product. Kevin, known for his strong opinions on WordPress and Gutenberg, shares his insights on the current state and future of WordPress, focusing on several key areas that are crucial for developers and agencies.

Key Takeaways for WordPress Professionals:

  • The importance of adhering to web design fundamentals, even when using page builders
  • Concerns about the direction of the Gutenberg editor and its departure from traditional web design practices
  • The value of education in elevating web design skills and understanding
  • The potential risks and benefits of using various page builders
  • The importance of data portability and avoiding vendor lock-in
  • The need for clear communication and vision in WordPress development
  • The role of AI in web design and its current limitations

Important URLs mentioned:

  1. Kevin Geary’s website:
  2. Kevin’s YouTube channel:
  3. Automatic CSS:
  4. Kevin’s Twitter:
  5. Digital Gravy (Kevin’s agency):

Chapter Titles with Timestamps:

  1. [00:00:00] Introduction and Kevin’s WordPress Background
  2. [00:07:31] Criticisms of Gutenberg and WordPress Leadership
  3. [00:14:21] Page Builders vs. Core WordPress Development
  4. [00:23:51] The Vision for the Block Editor and Its Challenges
  5. [00:35:28] vs. and Serving Different Markets
  6. [00:46:14] Scaling Businesses with Page Builders
  7. [00:54:00] Technical Challenges with the Block Editor
  8. [01:04:26] The Future of WordPress and Competition
  9. [01:18:02] Gutenberg’s Potential Beyond WordPress
  10. [01:21:50] AI’s Impact on Web Design and Development

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