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Spencer Forman from WPLaunchify has some important reasons why you should be using Multilanguage on your WordPress sites (or those of your clients) today!

With a global online economy and potential customers for a WordPress business existing in countries that speak languages other than English, it is imperative that you provide automatic translation for your content, but more specifically for your Sales Funnels, including all products, sales pages, checkouts, upsells, order bumps, thank you pages and more.

Only by providing these in a prospective buyer’s native language can you ensure a “personalized journey” that results in higher conversion rates and more profit.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Spencer: Hey, it Spencer from WPLaunchify.com special correspondent for the WP minute. In this episode, I’d like to talk about multi-language and why it’s absolutely essential to a profitable WordPress business today. Many of you have read or heard that WordPress is emphasizing multi-language as one of its core.
[00:00:20] Should. Now today, I want to give you a moment to think about why multi-language is something you can get started with today and why it’s really important to the bottom line of your business or your client’s business, if you want to be profitable. And here’s the reason why you need to be thinking about customizing the WordPress and WooCommerce user is journey.
[00:00:42] For their particular needs. And that means that if they have a native language, other than English, you need to give them that choice. It’s just simple economics, somebody who can read and understand your offer, your call to action, and the value proposition is more likely to buy. And they’re more likely to believe that you care about them as an individual, rather than just offering one size fits all.
[00:01:07] Now I happen to speak a few languages. I’m proficient in Spanish, and I do speak some of the Slavic languages as well, but not enough to really be dangerous. I find that if I have access to a translation tool, I am able to consume and understand the information from another website. Whereas I wouldn’t otherwise imagine if English is not your first language, are you going to be able to really fully understand the nuances of how much something costs or the differences between a value proposition of let’s say three tiers of a product or a service, and more importantly, what if you need help on the website?
[00:01:44] It’s bad enough that WordPress has some difficulties already with accessibility, but if you, the site owner want to improve your chances or for those of your client of making people happy and fully vested in your product or service, make sure to install one of the available plugins. Now I have a fondness for Welo.
[00:02:04] That is a SaaS service. That has a WordPress plugin. That’s immediately providing everything you need. In fact, it’s one of the fastest plugins to set up because everything is really done from the SaaS end. Now the best part about it is when you set it up, you can add as many additional languages as you want.
[00:02:22] And if you choose not to customize further that’s okay. You can just leave it doing all the translation automatically. That means that things like your sales pages, your checkout pages, your order bumps, your upsells, your thank yous, and the course content. Like if you’re using learn, dash are all automatically translated by a plugin.
[00:02:42] Like we got now many of the plugin authors and I author one called launch flows also include the ability to translate. The components of the administrative side of things, but I’m really focusing here on using it for the front end, for the end users, the customers, the buyers, the prospects. If you don’t start doing this today, you’re doing yourself a disservice because the cost is minimal.
[00:03:06] The time is minimal, but the benefits are infinitely. Right? Go check out welo.com and see if you don’t agree. They have in particular, a free trial. That you can immediately get started with and put it on your website. Now there’s lots of other ones as well. So if you go on over to the w wordpress.org and search for multi-language, you’ll see a list of the latest and greatest ones as well, either way, give it a try and give some thought to it.
[00:03:33] If you are a freelancer or an agency, and you’re not offering this as a, so herb to your client, you’re also missing a great opportunity because you’re the one that’s responsible for delivering this kind of information to your client. That it’s something they need. It’s really no different than SEO or security.
[00:03:51] This is spent for the WP minute. I’ll see it on the next installment.

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