Jetpack recently launched their AI Assistant feature, now available for free on all plans.

There are a ton of AI writing tools for bloggers to choose from, and while you might quickly discard Jetpack AI Assistant as just another run-of-the-mill AI writer, it does have some unique features that might entice you.

For those not familiar, Jetpack has shifted to become a more modular plugin over the years. There’s some positives and negatives with that, which I’ll cover in a future topic. It’s great news if you don’t need to lug around all of the other things Jetpack comes packed with.

Let’s see how the Jetpack AI Assistant brings the power of artificial intelligence to your WordPress dashboard to help you work smarter and faster — for free.

Getting started with Jetpack AI Assistant

In testing out the AI Assistant, it’s clear this goes way beyond just writing content.

For example, it easily built a pricing table for us based on a simple prompt. We asked it to compare a free plan with access to a newsletter versus a paid plan with videos, private posts, community forum access and more for $9 a month. The AI Assistant generated a nice, clean comparison grid complete with checkmarks and even summarized the differences.

I realize we’re just scratching the surface with a feature like this, but imagine if the prompt took it a step further and used actual Gutenberg blocks to display the content. Then go a step further and help the user design a great looking landing page.

This is where I’d like to see the enhancements with AI.

Writing blog posts on autopilot

The AI Assistant can also write full blog posts with just a quick prompt.

When asked to write an informative article on running a freelance web design business earning $80k a year, it crafted a multiple paragraph post covering key tips like:

  • Developing skills and expertise with WordPress
  • Building an impressive portfolio of clients
  • Defining your target market, and setting pricing.

The writing came back quickly and was well-written. Response times were great, and I didn’t feel like there was any processing lag.

I chatted with a Jetpack rep at WordCamp US 2023 and he told me that it’s OpenAI under the hood. I wonder if Automattic will ever embrace LLM’s from HuggingFace?

Real world usage: Translating & Feedback features

Another great use case is translation.

You can highlight any text and have the AI Assistant instantly translate it into many languages like Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. This is super handy for important updates like the school website example we showed where an entrance change needed to be communicated, or some other critical information.

Think of any web admin, who isn’t a writer, that needs to quickly get out critical information to an audience in different languages. Or a store owner that wants to highlight an upcoming sale for their diverse customer set.

This is the kind of real world example I think Jetpack puts the assist in AI Assistant. Writing features are great for marketers, but not everyone touching a WordPress websites need to craft a prompt to write an enticing article.

Get Feedback before you publish

Finally, Jetpack AI Assistant has a Feedback option that will scan a post and provide suggestions to improve it.

For our test post, it correctly identified unrelated content that should be removed. It also recommended adding visuals and examples to boost engagement. This kind of insight would take a human editor time and expertise, but the AI Assistant can do it in seconds.

For WordPress users, especially those already using Jetpack, the AI Assistant is absolutely worth trying out. It can save time, improve your writing, catch issues you might miss, and help you communicate in different languages.

I am eager to see how Automattic enhances these features and deepens it’s integration into the rest of WordPress. Especially in the website building experience.

Afterall, Matt Mullenweg recently told the Post Status community to learn AI deeply:

“In 2015, I told you to learn Javascript deeply. I don’t have a catchy phrase yet, but my message for 2023 will be to spend as much time leveraging AI as possible.”

Matt Mullenweg

What do you think about Jetpack AI Assistant? Is this a tool you or your clients will be using?

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